So with the pond not clearing and requiring so much work just to keep it going, perhaps starting again was a better idea.

We decided to create a new pond; one that we could start afresh with and one that took less maintenance than the current one did.

This was no mean feat since the whole thing was dug out by hand – well by spades anyway, leaving us with a hole in the ground that required 3,500 gallons of water to fill (or that was what was estimated)…

The original greenhouse
This you may have seen in an earlier gallery, but it’s also the spot for the new pond we were about to dig
The new pond marked out
We marked it out using hose pipe. Even afterwards, we didn’t really fully comprehend how big the pond was going to be
new pond dug out
Here’s the pond. It measures approximately eight metres by five, steps down to the bottom in about 35cm steps to a depth of about a metre …
new pond dug 2
… took about a week or so of both of us working like lunatics, barrowing the spoil about 100 metres from our garden to the car park where the skip was…
Never again
fill her up
With the pond liner in place, it’s time to fill her up…