We removed quite a bit of stuff, imported about four tonnes of topsoil, umpteen square metres of turf, a truckload of stone (which will be covered in the pond section), numerous plants and hours and hours of tlc…

raised beds up
raised beds up
looking mediterranean
looking mediterranean
A view from the patio
A view from the patio
The big bed
The big bed
our first garden - View from above 2003-4
our first garden - View from above 2003-4
Raised beds up

You can see the narrow path that passes in front of the patio doors, which made it very difficult to get things in or out of the garden.

By removing what was overgrown, wasted space, it made access so much better

From the top...
Looking Mediterranean

Here it's clearer how much space is now available for access and the plants are pleasing too!

Looking almost Mediterranean

Looking down the garden, you can just about make out the use of grass heights to denote paths.

The mound with the stone mullion and staddle stone on top is all that is left of the top pool of the original pond.

Looking down the garden
Cabbage palm 1

The irises are still in bloom and the initial idea for some roses in the old pond location very much in evidence. They were eventually planted elsewhere however, as the mulch played havoc with the mower blades

To the left...
A view from the patio

As we did on the left, we also thinned out on the right too. Very necessary, as the hazel hedge was almost impossible to clip otherwise

To the right...
The big bed

The big bed definitely had the majority of the interest, from irises and lupins to roses, skimmia rubella and aquilegias in a host of colours

The big bed...

Just to show some of the roses, lupins and lavender growing happily in the big bed

One more of the big bed

We have beans, tomatoes, courgettes and stuff I can't even remember in this bed, which is one of two.

To the right on the side of the shed, you can see the bird box made for a robin and featured in Robwatch


These are perfect, but the majority got left just a tad too long and wound up huge

View from above 2003-4

To tie up with the befores, here's a picture from the bedroom, which shows just how much the garden changed...

The view from the bedroom
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