garden maintenance A neatly mowed garden
A neatly mowed garden

Why spend on garden maintenance?

Many people buy their “Maison Secondaire” and end up spending more time during their holidays trying to get the garden back to some semblance of order, than they do relaxing and enjoying their holiday.

As you will see in our examples, gardens don’t actually have to be left very long before they become overrun by weeds or the grass becomes too long for the mower to cope with. Worse, even after it’s been cut, it doesn’t look as nice as you feel it ought to – considering the amount of time you’ve spent on it.

We have numerous clients who have us spend some time each month keeping everything under control, so that they have more time to spend doing what they want to be doing … and if that’s working in the garden, it’s doing the fun things, like planting or simply enjoying it.

Here is a list of some of the major things we get asked to do for our customers:

Mowing and Strimming

Size, content and condition can make such a difference to the cut time, so we can’t estimate time or prices until we have seen the work required.

Cut frequency will also make a big difference in the length of time cuts take and the condition we leave it in afterwards. We generally recommend fortnightly cuts or at least twice a month in order to ensure that we spend as little time cutting and the grass is kept in good condition

Shrubs and Hedges

We can cut your hedges or shrubs, as long as they’re no higher than 5 feet tall (about 1.7 metres).

Waste Removal

Whatever garden maintenance is performed, it generates waste. Whether it’s grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, weeds or leaves, it will need to go somewhere

If you don’t have a compost bin or area, we can take it to the dechetterie. The cost will depend upon how much there is and where you are situated.

If kept on top of, your garden will then be somewhere to enjoy and not something to dread.

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One-Off Jobs

garden maintenance Long Grass
Grass too long for a mower to cope withgarden maintenance LSM 3 beforeA low maintenance garden left for too long
garden maintenance Rotovated and ready for anything
Cleared, rotovated and ready for anything
garden maintenance SDC10010One of our more extreme gardens

Perhaps you have just bought your holiday home, but don’t have a “garden”; you have something akin to a jungle, which needs to be brought under control before you can even attempt to do something with it. We would be pleased to help you by strimming that overgrown mess that will eventually become your garden.

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So whether you have a maison secondaire or live here permanently, if you need help with your garden…

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