When you’re relying upon work being done on your property or your machinery, the best professionals come by recommendation. The useful people listed below are all people we have used and would recommend and the restaurants are those we have eaten at and would recommend.


Useful people Jardin Mayenne
All the staff at Jardin Mayenne

This Chinese restaurant is a real revelation. Easy to get to and they’re open every day except Monday.

The food is excellent, the price is unbeatable and the service is brilliant

Thoroughly recommended

Address: 2 Rue Réaumur 53100 MAYENNE
Telephone: 02 43 08 96 87

Restaurant Asiatique

The Royal Fougeres is a Chinese restaurant right in the center of the Zone Commercial in Fougeres, making it easy to get to, easy to park and wonderful for either before or after shopping!

Address: Centre commercial la Pilais
35133 Lécousse
Telephone: 02 23 51 02 30

Restaurant Bistronomic

L’Ardoise is a fine restaurant with a great atmosphere that we return to again and again for its quality and value for money

Address: 28 Place de la Motte
50600 Saint Hilaire du Harcouët
Telephone: 02 14 13 63 38
Email:Send a message from their website

Useful people Le Mail restaurant
Wonderful food – wonderful service

The food and service exceeded expectations and this restaurant will be one we will be returning to.Thoroughly recommended!

Address: 32 rue du Chateau
50600 Saint Hilaire du Harcouët
Telephone: 02 33 49 21 01

O'Ciel Buffet Chinese Restaurant
O’Ciel Buffet Chinese Restaurant Awesome food

This place is huge. The prices are more than reasonable and the food is fantastic. You gotta try their coffee!

Address: 838 Route de Domfront
61100 Flers
Telephone: 09 85 19 69 09

Everything else…

Useful people SOS Anglo
Valérie ROGER at SOS Anglo

Valérie speaks excellent English and is an absolute treasure trove of information, from taxes to help with translations and help with purchases. Very reasonable rates too.

Address: 30 place du Marché 53100 Châtillon-sur-Colmont France
Telephone: 09 71 42 90 51
Mobile: 06 67 53 64 47
Email: valerie@sosanglo.com
Website: www.sosanglo.com

Useful people Elliotts Boucherie
Elliotts Boucherie where the meat is local but the cuts are English

Elliotts is a small, family run boucherie, popular with the English and French alike. The quality is second to none and their sausages are to die for.

Address: ZI des Sapinettes, Gorron, France, 53120
Telephone: 02 43 30 46 89
Email: elliottsboucherie@gmail.com
Website: www.elliottsboucherie.com

Useful people Tina's Brocante
Tina’s broacante – a brilliant depot vent

Tina’s Brocante is an English run depot vent that is an absolute treasure-trove of odds and sods. Go see for yourselves!

Address: Les Landes 61350 Mantilly
Telephone: 02 33 30 83 64
Email: tina.cross@live.fr

Useful people EURL Bruno Tesniere Plumbing and heating (of all types) and electrics
EURL Bruno Tesnière Plumbing and heating (of all types) and electrics

This man also does chimney sweeping and we have to say, he does an absolutely excellent job. His price is more than reasonable for the work he does. Thoroughly recommended!

Address: EURL Bruno Tesnière 56 Rue de Bretagne 53120 Gorron
Telephone: 02 43 08 61 28
Email: tesniere.bruno@wanadoo.fr

Auto Pneu Domfront
Tyres, wheel balancing, wheel alignment, puncture repairs, quads, trailers …

We found this company to be very professional, very helpful and great value for money. They speak French and English and are well worth checking out.

Address: Auto Pneu. Espace Domfrontais, Rue du Mont Saint-Michel, 61700
Telephone: 02 33 66 91 15
Mobile: 07 80 51 14 72
Email: autopneuservice@btinternet.com

Shane Colvin Mechanic
SCM Shane Colvin Mechanic

Situated in Mortain, he was recommended to us, so we made an appointment and were not disappointed.

Address: La Detourbe, 5140, St Clement Rancoudray
Mobile: 06 69 72 52 50

Garage Passais Automobiles
Garage Passais Automobiles

Situated in Passais La Conception, they were very quick, courteous and reasonable. Would thoroughly recommend.

Address: 32 bis Rue Domfrontais, 61350, Passais La Conception
Telephone: 02 33 65 31 13
Mobile: 06 79 53 42 99

Renovation Traditionelle Derek Comber
Plastering specialist, plasterboarding, tiling, general building

Came out at a moment’s notice and got us out of the nasty stuff. Would recommend him and his work.


MD Sanitaires

Came to put our plumbing right. Glad he did too.

Address: 53140 Pre-en-Pail
Mobile: 06 44 96 44 62
Email: m.dsanitaire@hotmail.com