Our first garden

We had never had a garden of our own before we moved to Dorset, bought our first house, which got us our first garden. We’d had a small courtyard, which was barely big enough for a dustbin and a bicycle, but it was in no way a garden.

our first garden - Rustington
The patio outside our flat in Rustington

Then we moved to a flat with a large patio, which got so hot during the summer, it could melt the soles off your shoes. As a result, the combination of a south-facing patio and no available shade, most of the plants died.

We had a garden in the house we rented when we first arrived in Sherborne, but it wasn’t like we could do anything with it. We were given the responsibility of “maintaining” the garden, but strongly advised not to spend money planting stuff we wouldn’t be able to take with us.

A move to Dorset

So we bought and moved to our first house with a garden.

It was far from perfect when we arrived, with mountains of work to do, but the pleasure we derived from it was immeasurable. It also stood us in very good stead when it came to doing what we do here in France.

I have arranged this section of our site into before and after images of the garden and before and after images of both ponds. I have also included the story of the stone edging, an encounter with dropsy and more than a fair smattering of pictures of flowers, birds, bugs and the local wildlife.

Oh, and let’s not forget there’s also Robwatch, about a robin we rescued after disturbing her nest by accident. This story featured on the BBC “Springwatch” website and an article I wrote, along with pictures taken also appeared in two local newspapers

We hope you enjoy.

Use the links below to see the befores and afters

Our first Garden - view from the bedroom
A view of the garden from the bedroom window when we first bought the property
our first garden - View from above 2003-4
A view from the bedroom after we’d been there a few years