When we first bought our French house, we didn’t imagine wanting another garden. It’s a lot of responsibility after all, which is why people pay us to look after their gardens while they’re not there. However, after five years, we have become nostalgic over our Dorset garden.This was a place we are particularly proud of…

Our Dorset Garden

Our Dorset Garden - Patio down
A view of the garden from the patio downwards

Our house was situated close to Sherborne. It had a back garden that was around 10 metres wide and 50 metres long. When we first went to see the house, the garden was absolutely chock-a-block with Lord alone knew what. It had been created in sections, which felt like walking from one room to another.

At the top on the left, there was a brick-built shed with a small patio beside it. It was surrounded by a mixture of shrubs, an ornamental tree and other plants that all fought for space. Below that was a pond, which was about 3 metres wide and 6 metres long (about 20 feet by 10 feet). It was surrounded by a hooped wire fence about two feet tall and a paved walkway. To its left below the brick shed was a wooden summer house that was quite sizeable and of course, sparked the imagination no end.

Our Dorset Garden - across the pond to the house
Across the pond to the house

“There are Koi in the pond, and it has two filters,” we were told. We had to take his word for that; you couldn’t see squat through the almost black water. As for filters, again, we had to take him at his word, as we could see nothing filter-shaped above the ground.

Behind the pond was a room-sized area of grass, at the bottom of which sat a wood-framed greenhouse. This had definitely seen better days. It was simply being used to house a knackered old side-ejection lawn mower and a small equally knackered strimmer.

Behind the greenhouse was an area I can only assume had been used for planting veggies, but had been left for some considerable time to grass over.

The whole thing was wildly overgrown and in need of some real TLC. Pretty much there and then, we decided we were the people to give it what it needed.